Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Decorating Commences

I just had to get a sticker made with one of my favorite quotes. (Waiting for fabric to come back in stock so I can finish my curtains. hehe)

Thank you Hobby Lobby, Ebay, Etsy, Jo Ann's, & Home Goods! And my trusty sewing machine, she is getting there. 

 I have a secondary fabric I'm making a few more pillows with to cover the bench area and I also ran out of my curtain fabric so I'm patiently waiting for the postman to bring more.
I love the contrast of the feminine flowers & crystals against the iron western star. Would love to figure out a way to showcase these together.
 My clock vignette is a quick reminder of the times at all the places we travel to & where we are from. One is set to 5:00pm at all times, this represents Margaritaville. ;-) I also need more small checked fabric from JoAnns to make the smaller window boxes. (Same fabric as pillow to the right)
My bulletin board holds passports like my Rte 66 one, and any other travel mementos I collect. It also has a few family pics so I don't miss them too much while I'm gone!

Still need to complete the moulding like EVERYWHERE, but couldn't resist starting to glamp her up!

The Building of a Tchotchke Shelf

I've seen these shelves in various trailers, mostly to hold a bunk bed, however my Sante Fe didn't come with one. But I needed a place to decorate & it was so empty on this huge curved area of the wall. So Mike and our son built a shelf by using wood, L brackets, wood glue, & a piece of primed crown moulding from the hardware store. 

It is very sturdy! When we pull on it, it doesn't even budge. At this point all I had to do was caulk the screw holes in front of moulding, sides where it meets the wall, & paint! I also painted the L brackets the color of the wall to hide them more. All of my decorating will hide these anyway.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sweet Dreams!

The number one question I have been asked. But where do you sleep? Well in a bed, of course!
I purchased this oak table from Craigslist for $20. Then I sanded & restained to match bench tops & floor. Mike took it apart & screwed on the top, the round metal top piece that goes under a real rv table. He then screwed a hole in the floor & attached the bottom metal piece to hold the table. We then bought the metal pipe looking leg that holds the rv tables. He slipped the table base over the metal leg and it holds it all in place.               Example One-
He then bought another metal pole/pipe & cut it to the exact height of the benches so the table can be the exact height of them. He also screwed some wooden legs on for extra support. These come off & on. Which if you like the coffee table look instead of kitchen table height, it could easily stay like this.    Example Two
Now we can take off decor (put them in benches) & add mattress.   Example Three
Blow it up & add linens        Example Four

We now have a king size bed!! 3 of us slept on this at the show. Keep in mind what you will primarily use your trailer for. As I stated earlier, we take it to car shows & trailer shows 80-90% of the time in and around our town, which we will not sleep in it. However, a couple times a year I would like to take a few trips with my trailer club, Sisters On The Fly so now I can sleep in it when I need to. 

Me & My Ma'am Cave!!

Why yes! I do believe I'm the only glamper with a real working doorbell! Or so Ive been told. =-)
At our first show... thanks to my hubby Mike or I wouldn't be here!
My fav pic so far, one of my dashies peeking his head out =-) 

Interior Is Almost Finished!

Getting exciting now. We almost finished for our first show, but we fell short of doing the moldings and the rest of my decorating. But here is a little taste of my decor.
 Ok, ummm yea. It gets a little crazy when your up all night & the polyurethane fumes start getting to you. Dont pay any attention to the crazy man in the window. Lmao

 At the show: